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    Guidelines On How To Stay Safe From EMF Pollution

    Several cases of chronic and acute diseases are attributed to exposure to electromagnetic field. Unfortunately, medical practitioners are not well equipped with the knowledge to tackle this emerging threat especially if you are living near power substation.

    On a daily basis we are in contact with sources that give rise to this phenomenon. In this writeup you will get your hands-on precautionary measures that will help you stay protected.

    One of the areas that people have to deal with high emissions of EMF is the use of the personal computer. If you spend extended times working on your device, the risk is heightened.

    A strong EMF is released when your device is plugged into an electrical socket for charging. At such times it is advisable that you avoid placing the machine on your thighs.

    The old models of tv or computer screens that used the cathode ray tube are major culprit of EMF pollution. A LCD monitor will be the recommended type since it has low emissions of EMF.

    Having your hands and feet near the power cords that go into your computer exposes you to a higher risk of EMF emissions. It is essential that you take good care of the cords and the transformers connected to your machine by keeping them tidy.

    Experts advise against installing of wireless network in your premises. Even when idle, it has been shown that the routers produce EMF radiation that pose a health risk.

    What form of technology is present in your cordless phone is important to check before you buy the phone. Even when idle, the base stations of the mobile phones emit high emissions of EMF constantly if they are using a technology like the DECT.

    Make sure that the telephone is not switched on when it is not being used. This technology is also used in some models of baby monitors which is extremely dangerous.

    Minimize the duration that you take on your cordless and wireless telephones. Children whose age is below the age of 14 years should not be permitted to use the devices unless it is extremely necessary.

    Radiation that emanates from cellphones have been shown to cause serious health problems. Cordless telephones located in houses use electromagnetic field in communicating.

    It is not recommended to have items that are using electrical power in your bedroom or have them turned off and unplugged if you are not using them. The operation of melatonin which aids in proper sleep is inhibited through the production of EMF found in the electrical appliances.

    Studies have shown that some types of household plants play a role in absorption of harmful radiation inside the house. An expert at the plant nursery will offer useful guidelines on the types of plant to have. Visit here if living near pylons.